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Photos from Mini-DXpedition 2013

Here is a link to photos from this year’s Mini DX-pedition:

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Used Equipment Auction

SCRA will be holding a used equipment auction in conjunction with Boat Anchor / Home Brew night at its August 7 membership meeting. SCRA Meetings are held at the Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center 2050 Yulupa Ave in Santa Rosa. Everyone is welcome. You do not need to be a SCRA member to bid.

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First Photos from Field Day 2013

These are the first photos available from Field Day 2013, June 21-23.


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Photos from Build Class on June 8

Here are some photos courtesy of Doug KF6LMB of the Build Class on June 8.


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Members Recognized at 2012 Holiday Party

December 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Congratulations and thanks to the following:


Darryl Paule, KI6MSP, for service in 2012 as SCRA President, for managing SCRA booths at the County Fair, the Science Fair, the Tour of California, and  the Gran Fondo, for managing comm. ops at The Human Race,  for service as instructor on the Education and Mentoring committee, and for relentlessly and effectively  promoting SCRA and amateur radio to the public. 


Charlie Sikes, KZ6T, for service as 2012 Club Vice President and Program Chair, and for planning and directing the Mini-DXpedition to Bucks Lake;  for APRS Presentation  and APRS Digipeater at English Hill as member  of Repeater Committee, and for  managing the SCRA Google Groups web site. 


Dave Santori, KF6CLG, for service on the 2012 SCRA board of directors as Past President.


Mike Von der Porten, AD6YB, for service in 2012 as SCRA Secretary and  Membership chair, and for maintaining the SCRA Short Skip electronic archive. 


Steve Bramble, KI6TUR, for service in 2012 as SCRA Treasurer, for providing with Maryanne the Chez Bramble gourmet food service to the Bucks Lake Mini-DXpedition, and for providing a conference room for education and testing. 


Brian Torr, N6IIY, for service in 2012 as SCRA Board Member, for service as ARRL VE Liaison, for service as 2012 Field Day committee chair, for presenting the November meeting game and for managing the SCRA Holiday Party. 


Dave Harrison, W6IBC, for service in 2012 as SCRA Board Member, for service on the Repeater committee, for managing Lake Sonoma 50 event, and for hosting the SCRA kit building Saturday in his garage. 


John Felton, KE5RI, for service in 2012 as club callsigns trustee and repeater co-chair, and for providing his RV for 2012 Field Day.


Jack Christianson, K6ROW, for service as 2012 Repeater Committee co-chair and for purchase and installation of the new Kenwood TKR-850 UHF repeater at English Hill.


Evelyn Chavez, KI6PAY, for service as 2012 Raffles co-chair; for the 2012 Scouting JOTA activity, and for storage of the SCRA trailer.


John Chavez, KG6PEP, for service as 2012 raffle co-chair, For maintaining the SCRA trailer,  and for chairing the 2012 Scouting JOTA activity. 


Craig Gaevert, K6XLT, for service in 2012 as Public Service chair and for managing comm. ops  at Tour of California, Wine Country Century, Terrible Two, MS Waves to Wine, Tour De Organics, and Gran Fondo bike events,  and for service on Repeater Committee. 


John Breckenridge, WB6FRZ, for service in 2012 for service on Education and Mentoring committee,  and for arranging donations of equipment and material to the club. 


Jeff Tonelli, KI6BPF, for service in 2012 as Education and Mentoring committee chair and class instructor, and for presenting the antenna building meeting project. 


Donald Laird, WE4MOO, for service in 2012 as Short Skip Editor.


Sutter Laird, KI6ZON, for service in 2012 as SCRA wehmaster, and for meeting presentation on Digital Modes. 


Jim Draeger, KI6REK, for service in 2012 as club meeting refreshments chair. 


Ken Rawles, N6PWV, for service in 2012 as club insignia and accessories chair.


Rich Freitas, KF6SZA, for service in 2012 as ARRL ARES liaison and for conducting the ARES weekly net on the SCRA repeater system. 


Fred Polkinghorn KQ6OB, for service in 2012 as ARRL ARES liaison and for conducting the ARES weekly net on the SCRA repeater system.


Lee Dibble, KE6EAQ, for service in 2012 by conducting the ARES weekly net on the SCRA repeater system, and for storing the SCRA TH-6 three-band beam for Field Day and other use. 


Pat Coyle, KG6JSL, for service in 2012 as club van custodian, for organizing and managing the Red Tail Mendocino Auto Rally, for providing dinner at Field Day,  for organizing the club booth at the PCAM Wings over Wine Country Airshow, and for providing email announcements of club meetings and activities.    


Kevin Alt, K6BSG, for service in 2012 by providing the monthly Contest Corner roundup in Short Skip. 


Ästrid Thienes, KJ6JTP, for  public service event participation  in 2012. 


Ed Slingland, N2WD, for his 2012 meeting presentation on Software Defined Radios.


Keith Payea, AG6CI, for his 2012 meeting presentation on Radio Astronomy.


Greg Farrell,  K6SRO, for his 2012 meeting presentation on KPH and the Historical Marine Radio Society.

California QSO Party

August 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Below you will find a flyer for this year’s California QSO Party (CQP) coming up on October 6-7.

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KSRO Field Day Interview

August 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Listen to an interview done by Darryl, KI6MSP on KSRO radio in Santa Rosa, as well as view photos from this year’s Field Day, on our Field Day page.